Several Types Of Plastic Boxes Products

It is a kind of plastic boxes with a lid and the bottom of plastic products, bottom and lid together is called folding plastic boxes, bottom and lid separately called the day bottom plastic boxes. Of course, it also has many types, today Xiaobian to introduce several simple.

Plastic food boxes: mainly BOPS and PET plastic material, direct contact with food, environmental protection, non-toxic.

Electronic products plastic box: the general use of antistatic PET or PVC, to form a closed container folded for protecting electronic products.

Hot melt adhesive sealing plastic boxes: used for the medical industry, the use of non-toxic materials PS and PET plastic molding production, in the package by a plastic sealing machine hot melt adhesive paper and plastic boxes together.

Blister Inner Box: for the IT industry, the product is often placed in plastic boxes surface of the groove, cassette Interior Accessories and product brochures.

Plastic tray: also known as plastic Neto, blister process will be made of hard plastic sheet plastic specific groove, the product is placed in the groove, protect and beautify the role of the product.