Plastic Packaging In The Production Process Several Problems That May Occur

Plastic packaging products mainly used to protect and promote product sales, improve product grade. Therefore, the market circulation of plastic boxes are generally no flaws plastic packaging, but it will be a lot of problems in the production process. Today Xiaobian to introduce one of the questions we hope to plastic packaging from a deeper understanding.

Scratch: This should be our common problem, if we scratch marks with the production of plastic packaging is too long, too big, then the product is defective and can not be used in high-end packaging.

Crystal Point: in plastic sheet production process, due to the heating of the plastic material in Kazakhstan air, the production of the finished sheet strength with bubbles, especially in transparent plastic sheet production process, such bubbles too large, regarded as defective excessive.

Water ripples: Due to different processing of plastic sheet, so that the production of the finished water ripples in this case are mostly using pvc sheet there is such a phenomenon exists.

Dirty: in plastic packaging production process, because the process of operating the system successfully and improper placement of the environment, it may cause some soiling plastic packaging the finished product.