Plastic Packaging Demand Will Continue To Rise

It is reported that plastic in the national urban infrastructure, high-speed railway construction has played an important role in the plastic packaging market continues to expand. Government focus on technological innovation, light industry restructuring and revitalization plan in the plastics processing industry as a key industry to support it. Therefore, the demand for plastic packaging will continue to rise.

Some mature market has begun to accept higher performance and popular bags, but also the development trend of lightweight plastic bags, supplies and transportation to reduce China is the world's largest fruit and vegetable production and marketing of a large country, but there are about 30% of fruit loss in storage, transportation and sales process, wherein the package improper important reason, in the highly competitive market conditions, the role of the plastic packaging market has become increasingly important. Currently, polyethylene film and polypropylene film are fresh fruits and vegetables, the most widely used packaging material.

Today, the packaging industry trends to innovative packaging transition from simple package, with the upgrading of the economy and consumption, bag is no longer a simple product. Businesses and consumers of the quality of the bag, material, style quality requirements are increasing. In North America and Western Europe plastic bag usage is already high, change the product mix will continue to support the continued growth in demand in these regions bags.