Plastic Boxes For Packaging Products On The Basis Of Common Sense

Plastic box is a box refers to PPC, PVC, PET / APET as a material, after printing, die-cutting, Nien box and a series of processes from products and packaging boxes. Compared with the traditional carton and other packaging, plastic boxes with environmental protection, non-toxic, high transparency, product advantages and more intuitive impressions packaging, can effectively improve product packaging grades. Except PP, PET, APET materials, environmental protection, non-toxic, PVC.

First, the plastic box Categories

Material Category: PP plastic boxes, PVC plastic boxes, PET plastic boxes, etc.

According to box-type classification: a cylindrical plastic boxes, square plastic boxes, shaped plastic boxes, soft boxes, beer tablets.

Second, the production process

1, plate: the plate now commonly used plastic box CTP plate.

2, choose material: plastic boxes for packaging in general are based on PET, PVC, PP and other materials, PVC, PET thickness are 0.10-0.0.55 large range, PP can be thick 0.75MM, because the material is too thick framed out plastic boxes too hard, the appearance looks very dull.

3, Printing: outside plastic boxes are not printed, most only screen printing, because plastic box is the outer box, so the process is very high printing requirements, the most taboo color differences, dots, these effects fade aesthetic shortcomings.

4. Surface treatment: plastic box packaging generally do surface treatment, common or too light plastic, dumb plastic, uv, Varnish, too dumb oil. Offset printing is what we say.

5, beer (die): beer is a printing process in the more important part, to associate beer must be done quasi-cutter, if allowed beer, beer partial, beer constantly these will seriously affect subsequent processing.