Plastic Bags What Can Not Heat

Our daily use plastic bags are mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other polymer materials. In addition, plastic bags in the process need to add heat stabilizers chemicals. But the state of food and raw materials, plastic products are clearly defined, where the production of plastic utensils, containers, packaging materials, chemicals used shall comply with sanitary requirements, processing plastic products should also be consistent with their own health standards, and by testing after passing the factory. If manufacturers strict implementation of the management approach, and its products are safe, not harmful to human health hazards; otherwise, the chemicals do not meet health standards, it will cause harm to human health.

Meet the health standards of the plastic bags can be high temperature, but in the case of plastic bags can not be determined whether meet the health standards, with a plastic bag containing just pan the temperature of the thermal head would be a security risk trowel. Unsafe plastic bag which also contain dyes, heavy metals and other hazardous substances unknown, but the high temperature will cause the plastic to soften bread that accelerate the precipitation of harmful substances such as lead poisoning caused by accumulation of human to human health hazard.