How Will The Waste Plastic Waste Into Treasure

Plastic products of recycling and reuse is a worldwide problem, buried, waste combustion process is a common method of cable, some Western countries and even the plastic garbage shipped to developing countries, local environmental harm. In China, a great amount of plastic products, how to change waste into treasure not only environmental issues, there are also huge opportunities.

"From international experience, plastic pipes replace cement, cast-iron, ceramic pipes is the trend, we are confident in China's plastic pipe market." Professor Wei Dazhi director of the Center for Economic Research of Shenzhen Industry University said in an interview, the use of international cooperation accelerate the technological development of recycling economy and emerging industries, for industrial upgrading in Shenzhen far-reaching.

Aoyama Ming Xian said that Shenzhen City, the introduction of relevant policies to encourage the development of circular economy for foreign development of renewable resources industry in China provides a good platform, they will set up a plastic pipe production plants and waste plastic recycling R & D center in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, China plastic pipe export base construction.