How To Improve The Transparency Of The Plastic Packaging Material

Plastic packaging materials by the majority of businesses have been able to recognize in the packaging field, the most important factor is the plastic packaging materials have the same quality of transparent glass material properties, to better show the packaged goods, enhance the image and quality of goods. However, in the plastic packaging materials and plastic packaging products production and processing, there are many factors that affect the transparency of the plastic packaging of the finished product, is not conducive to product packaging show. For this reason, plastic processing Xiaobian to introduce and analyze the factors that affect the transparency, in order to better enhance the transparency of the packaging material.

Analyzing plastic packaging material quality standards of transparency usually has light transmittance, haze, refractive index, birefringence and the dispersion and the like. Press plastic packaging materials transmittance size, can be divided into: transparent plastic packaging materials, 400NM-800NM wavelength of visible light transmittance of more than 80%; translucent plastic packaging materials: 400NM-800NM visible light transmittance between 50% -80%; opaque packaging materials: 400NM-800NM refractive index of visible light of 50% or less.