Brief Electromagnetic Induction Heating Coil Products, An Important Feature Of Plastic Packaging Products

Electromagnetic heating coil in plastic products, plastic film, pipes, profiles and similar industries and other manufacturers were using, at the same time, plastic packaging products electromagnetic induction heating coil also has good application, but also for the consumer manufacturers get a better economy than in the past benefits.

Let us say that it is an important feature of plastic packaging products electromagnetic induction heating coil products:

1, take the electromagnetic induction heating method, electromagnetic induction heating coil device inside the heating body, body heat by electromagnetic induction.

2, saving the good consequences: compared with the current take electric lap, saving up to 30%.

3, the device inconvenient: with two semi-circular and construction methods, and between the pipes and coils plus insulation, plastic packaging and insulation to further improve thermal efficiency consequences.

4, power density: single electromagnetic induction heating coil can replace the original 2-3 electric rings.

5, running low stakes, Peixiu less product warranty for one year, life protection ductile iron pipe.

6, utility-scale: plastic (rubber) injection machines, extruders, blown film machine, drawing machine, plastic film, pipe, wire and the like.