You know the way the four molded plastic trays do

The first: injection molding

Injection molding production of plastic pallet products smooth, clean, crisp, dense, product design freedom is large, divided into double-sided type integral double-sided plastic pallets and plastic pallets assembled.

The second: vacuum forming method

Vacuum molding production of plastic pallets also have single-sided and double-sided two.

Single-sided plastic tray used for small motors (such as vacuum cleaner motors, power tools motor, etc.) as well as wire tray and other packaging, transportation, recently developed rapidly, and dedicated mainly.

Double-sided plastic tray are assembled, divided into two forms: the upper half piece extruded length, fixed width plastic sheet, lower halves for large vacuum products; the upper and lower halves are large vacuum forming products.

Third: Extrusion - Blow molding

Plastic trays Extrusion - Blow molding and blow molding hollow products generally similar method, because the product is large, and is double-sided type, a larger extruder, mold and die and so on. Currently blow molding machine manufacturers have developed a specialized high-speed production of high-strength blow tray large blow molding machine, using HMWHDPE high strength plastic production, forming speed, good quality, high strength, high stiffness, very long life, the life of the general blow molding tray can reach 5 to 10 years.