Wine - make the past service for today

The history of wine has a long history, the wine in ancient times is full of beautiful things in eyes, multifarious, the myriad of change of shape is various, wine.
Bronze ware is by its exquisite craft, species diversity, lively and vivid modeling deserved has become an important part of Chinese culture, is a symbol of honor and majesty.

Chinese wine Maotai is coincidence with the majesty of the bronze ware and dignified and noble art characteristic, introduced a high-end liquor products packaging in bronze, caused a stir in society. The packaging fully reflects the Maotai profound cultural background, perfectly interprets the characteristics of the Maotai as national drink not copy. The bronze culture and wine culture together, is a marriage of two different cultural background, is the Chinese culture highly concise, not only promote the bronze culture and also improved the Chinese wine culture. The designer's superb artistic attainments and rich artistic imagination, not only to attract the attention of consumers, also push the supreme position of Maotai wine to the extreme.

In numerous wine bottles, in addition to the bronze ware, pottery, lacquer, jade, porcelain and crystal products, wine and so on, make wine packaging is also a kind of innovation, is not broaden the liquor packaging design train of thought of a choice.

In fact, the matching products and packaging is the key. Only real give packaging positioning, product positioning, and out of the liquor and the irrational circle packing does not match, liquor brand of living space will be more broad. Shui Jing Fang's success, and its reasonable positioning products and packaging are inseparable, excellent quality, exquisite packaging, exquisite packaging materials, combined with the culture of the "world a wine-press" digging, every tiny point, all show high-grade liquor style, let consumers feel real value, value, embodies the perfect combination of material consumption and spirit consumption, highly unified.