The natural materials and synthetic materials together with the packaging material is a product made from high-tech era

Packaging material is the material basis for the formation of commodity packaging, commodity packaging all the features of the carrier, is the most basic elements that constitute the packaging of goods use value. To study the packaging, packaging development, we must proceed from the basic elements.

Green packaging materials are highly civilized human beings into the world economy into a highly developed and the inevitable product of the inevitable need, it is required to maintain the living environment of the human voice, the wave of the green revolution in the world came into being, it is irreversible inevitable trend. Therefore, a careful study of it, master it, develop it, for the benefit of mankind has a great significance.

With the rise of industry, people began some industrial products as packaging materials, such as paper, metal plates, glass, etc., by processing the material directly into the package and container. This phase is characterized by the material taken from nature but after processing, such as paper through the wood, reeds and other pulped, and then bleached, pressed into a filter paper, and glass, metal rock through mining, smelting, and then further processed timber, manufacture mode is industrial production.