Related mold plastic products used in what are

1, the plaster mold

Mainly by handmade plaster molds in plastic product packaging process is most commonly used as a mold, drawings and requirements, if provided, gypsum material, milling machines, manually complete mold drawings;-kind, a handmade article A class mold, vacuum forming into a vacuum hood, then plaster mold, mold edit the outline back; take about 2-4 days, plaster mold production is shorter, there is conducive to product packaging changes, compared to the price, but the durability is low, After a period of time after use, easy to damage, transparency of products, mainly used in the first board product packaging to confirm and less demanding transparency.

2, aluminum alloy mold

According to drawings or model provided by the data entered into the computer, done automatically by computer lathe, and then manually perform other such as holes, making upside down position, and the mold polished smooth, it can be used. Such high precision molds and production products contour, the angle more beautiful, and durability is very high, the price of the first four categories 亦属 mold. Indeed alloy aluminum is the preferred mold plastic mold production of large quantities and high demand, as opposed to plaster mold, mold, plastic mold more durable, while Section saving, high efficiency and low reject rate advantages.