Plastic shell processing technology continues to progress and improve

Plastic shell is mainly used in construction machinery, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace and other areas of the interior, than traditional fiberglass or sheet metal housing, which has a great advantage, not only cheap, but also recycling, elegant appearance, gradually replace the traditional shell material, while plastic shell processing technology is continually progress and improve.

Large plastic material forming the main problem to the degree of difficulty is forming of products. This is not only the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of its own, but also to the process, the process conditions. To solve this problem in the past mainly by human experience, but human experience is limited, it can not be satisfactorily resolved these problems. Many scholars have done a lot of theoretical and experimental research work, forming process simulation computer has entered the stage of practical application. With the increasing large plastic varieties of products continued to expand, technology is also innovative. Degree of automation equipment is also rising, automatic computer control has been gradually used in extrusion, injection, thermoforming.